We produce 2 professional journals (click the title for more info):

  • SPORTEX medicine - treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries 
  • SPORTEX dynamics - massage and soft tissue therapy, particularly that applied to athletes 

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13 million have been distributed to date. The leaflets cover two key areas:

  1. Injury rehabilitation
  2. Physical activity for medical conditions

The leaflets are produced in two formats:

  1. Printed (A5 paper leaflets)
  2. ePALs (printable leaflets available electronically)


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We have created an innovative way for advertisers to:

  • Get quotes without having to book
  • Get the best discounts by booking online
  • Book ads in both print and email publications
  • Pay each ad individually when it becomes due
  • Choose your payment method.

Please note that ALL ads must be booked online.

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Welcome to the sportEX website

We specialise in producing information for medical, health and exercise professionals, on the subject of sports injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and manual therapy. This includes subscription journals in print and on most mobile tablets as well as supplements, online booklets and advice leaflets. For more information and articles visit our News area.

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