All elearning quizzes now mobile friendly

There are now 38 elearning quizzes available to you (subscription dependent) through the elearning section of our website and as from this month, all the quizzes are now mobile-friendly (as in you can do them on most smart phones and tablet devices such as iPad, Nexus etc.). There’s a help post here with screenshots if needed. We prioritised this because we know many of you are regularly traveling with teams and often only have tablets or mobile devices with you during your trips. (There’s a list of the quizzes below and links to some examples).

There is one caveat however – you do need to be logged into our website to do them. It doesn’t matter what kind of device you’re logged in on ie. it could be a mobile device or it could be your normal laptop/desktop, the important thing is that you’re logged in through a normal web browser.

Why? Because we’ve actually ended up building our own custom mini-elearning system on our website. There were several reasons for doing this which I won’t bore you with (feel free to ask if you’re interested), but essentially we wanted to be able to provide you with time-stamped customised certificates displaying your specific results and quiz details. In order to do this, we have to store this data against your account on our website – hence the reason you needed to be logged in so we can identify you.

Why can’t you access the quizzes from the mobile app that you download from the various app stores? Because the mobile app is a totally technology different platform that’s been developed by someone completely different and is used by lots of publishers, including us, so it’s not possible to have our elearning system built into it. It might seem like the website and the mobile app are closely integrated because we’ve “glued” them together so you  can use the same login and passwords but they are two totally different platforms (there’s a lot more to this publishing lark than first meets the eye!), but this is why you need log in to our website from whatever your chosen device, to do our quizzes.

By the way, all our elearning material is developed to be SCORM compliant (an elearning technology standard) so that we have plenty of flexibility in the future. In the meantime make sure to use them as part of your CPD portfolios (when you pass a certificate is stored under the CPD certificates section of the My Account area) and I hope you find the added flexibility of being able to do your continuing education, on the go.

Handy links

Quizzes at time of writing this post:

Quiz1 Quiz2 Quiz3




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