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Resources and articles covering the topic of soft tissue therapy – for more resources refer to sportEX dynamics journal which covers this topic in a printed journal version.

Manual therapists can have a critical influence in the perception of body image in their clients – this is why…

Body dissatisfaction is common in both men and women. Both genders have negative responses to the media images of the idealised, slim, toned or muscled physique. Therapists working in close contact with clients can have a profound effect on how … Continue reading

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Latest Research from

We have taken a real “nerve” approach with this series of research. To us, this is some of the most important research we have ever come across. It is the essence of what we do – change nerve impulses. We … Continue reading

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Posture: Is it the most under rated aspect of our assessment procedure? by Brad Hiskins, Australian Soft Tissue Therapist

For two decades I have had the great fortune of working with elite, amateur and novice sport. From Olympic campaigns to local weekends. Other than acute injury management (strains and sprains) the bulk of my work has centred around posture, … Continue reading

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Soft Tissue Therapist V Sports Massage Practitioner? Guest blog by SMA Chair Paul Medlicott

At our annual conference in June, The Sports Massage Association (SMA) added the strapline “The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists” to its marketing material. This small addition signals a sea change in attitude and ambition, particularly in the UK. For … Continue reading

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Free or not for free? That’s the question posed by soft tissue therapist Paula Clayton (updated post-London 2012)

I have been asked on numerous occasions what my thoughts are on volunteer work within our profession.  Now, don’t get me wrong I have no issues what so ever when it comes to volunteering your time and training to boost … Continue reading

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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome: a case study in a national tennis player by Ron Alexander, STT (MSK)

Functional fascial taping (FFT) is a treatment approach that uses sports tape to apply tension to the skin, fascia and muscles in order to pull damaged structures back into alignment. The author of this article has pioneered and developed this … Continue reading

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Facilitated Stretching: an overview by Bob McAtee RMT,CSCS,C-PT

Most manual therapists and fitness professionals agree that stretching is an important part of training for sport. Beyond sport, stretching is useful for maintaining general flexibility for daily activities and as preventive maintenance to counteract the effects of repetitive motion … Continue reading

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