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April 2014 highlights in sports rehabilitation journal, sportEX medicine

Highlights: Sports Triage Medical Screening and Physical Therapy Management by Dr Heather Jennings and Dr Robert Duvall It’s All in the Mind by Dale Forsdyke MSc. (incl. elearning quiz in digital versions) The Tendinopathy Continuum Explained by Daniel Lawrence, Prof Jill … Continue reading

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Does your patient have patellofemoral pain? Don’t forget the hip…

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a common diagnosis seen in our Physical Therapy clinics. It is actually the most commonly diagnosed condition of the knee in patients less than 50 years old. The condition is often perceived as difficult to … Continue reading

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October 2013 Highlights – sportEX medicine (issue 58) and sportEX dynamics (issue 38)

Articles featured in this October’s sportEX medicine journal – the international sports injury and rehabilitation journal Sprint-related Hamstring Injuries – the current state of play by Colm Daly MSc, MCSP, (incl. CPD/CME quiz in digital versions) Research Analysis: Detailed reviews of … Continue reading

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Latest Research from

We have taken a real “nerve” approach with this series of research. To us, this is some of the most important research we have ever come across. It is the essence of what we do – change nerve impulses. We … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the Life of Will Wilting – a figment of sportEX’s imagination (mostly!)

By way of an intro…this blog post is the first in a series based around a the real life experiences of one particular physical therapist. It’s their way of healthily and hopefully humorously venting some of the frustrations experienced by … Continue reading

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Deep Neck Flexor Endurance in Individuals with Neck Pain

The deep neck flexors (DNF) are a group of muscles that have been widely accepted for their importance in neck stabilization.   These muscles, which include the longus capitus and colli, work with the sternocleidomastoid (SCM), on the anterior aspect of … Continue reading

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Posture: Is it the most under rated aspect of our assessment procedure? by Brad Hiskins, Australian Soft Tissue Therapist

For two decades I have had the great fortune of working with elite, amateur and novice sport. From Olympic campaigns to local weekends. Other than acute injury management (strains and sprains) the bulk of my work has centred around posture, … Continue reading

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