1. A full, printable Media Card can be found here (unfortunately this is NOT mobile-friendly) please only open this on a Flash-enabled computer - open Media Card
  2. Answers to just about every advertising-related question can be found HERE (the info at this link IS mobile-friendly!)

A few key tips...

  • Size (in this case at least) doesn't matter! It's the number of ads you book, that gets the discount! 
  • You won't be asked to pay anything when you book - it's pay as we publish - more info
  • You can get up to 38% off each add if you book 4 ads at the same time (or 15% if you book two ads, 28% if you book 3 ads)
  • A 'first time advertiser discount' is available if you haven't advertised with us before - more info
  • All prices exclude VAT
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