Commissioning editors

Our commissioning editors come from all around the world and have been chosen because they are well connected and respected in their particular region or profession and who are in touch with current trends in either musculoskeletal rehab (for sportEX medicine) or fascia/manual therapy/sports massage/injury prevention and sports performance (for sportEX dynamics).
When you identify potential contributors it is very important that they are clear about who they are writing for. If you need a reminder about our readership (or you need to give your authors a reminder - you can send them to this link
FIRST KEY POINT: You need to specify which journal it is that they are writing for (this will depend on which one you are a commissioning editor for) as most of the time they are one and the same unless agreed with the sportEX team.
SECOND KEY POINT: We're looking for you to commission 4 articles per year (unless otherwise agreed). Bear in mind you may want to commission a couple more to be safe as relatively frequently authors drop out, AND feel free to discuss with them what you want covered in the article and give them a chance to run queries past you if they're in doubt. 
The deadlines for article submissions to both sportEX journals are below but we tend to ask the authors to give us a realistic submission date rather than force them to stick to these:
  • 31st January
  • 30th April
  • 31st July
  • 31st October
THIRD KEY POINT: When you have agreed a topic with your author please ask them to fill in this very short article proposal form (or you can do it on their behalf) - This is so that I can review the articles being submitted to check they don't clash with other commissioned articles in the pipeline or recently published material.
FOURTH KEY POINT: Please make sure you give your authors this link - it has all the info they are likely to need to both prepare and submit the article
FIFTH KEY POINT: Make sure the authors know that they MUST use the submission form for submission of the article. This ensures we have everything in the right format and all the right info we need to process payments and send out printed copies of the journals to the authors so it is important. The link to the submission form is
LAST BUT NOT LEAST: If you want to have a look through what we've published recently then we've got a searchable article index here (
After that you're off the hook (that's only if you want to be of course)!
There is no other 'admin' or direct contact with the authors required unless you want it. Some commissioning editors deal with pretty high profile people and prefer to deal with them directly and coordinate the delivery of the article rather than have us contacting the author which is fine too (although we will still need to contact them with sub editing queries). My sub editor is excellent though, very tactful, gentle and skillful at moving things along when it comes to getting the articles in and filling in any missing info! But I do understand if you have important relationships where you'd rather manage the process. 
I do pay the authors for their contributions but at the moment I'm not able to pay the commissioning editors because it's a fairly low time-commitment thing. However I do set you up with a full annual subscription to both titles including the two print copies per quarter and online and iPad access for you and up to 4 of your colleagues and am happy to offer preferential rates on promotion of any of your activities to our audiences.
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