Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

General conditions
The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement considered unsuitable for inclusion in the publication. No responsibility will be accepted where the publication is delayed or prevented by factors beyond the control of the publisher; such factors include but are not confined to printing, shipping and local delivery.

When copy for a space booking fails to meet the deadline, or when a client under a contract cancels an advertisement, where applicable the publisher reserves the right to repeat the previous advertisement at full cost to the client, or to render a charge for the full space cost. The publisher is not liable to accept cancellations or alterations to space bookings after the artwork deadline. Where advertising copy is communicated by telephone, no responsibility is accepted for errors.

Positioning of advertisements
The positioning of advertisements will be at the discretion of the publisher, who, whilst having due regard for the client’s wishes, will take into account the magazine’s design requirements, technical necessities and the need to present the entire contents to the reader in a form deemed suitable and appropriate.

Approval of advertisements
Colour PDFs are supplied to the client for all advertisements designed by the publisher. It is the client’s responsibility to advise on any required corrections by the date stipulated. If no response is received, a correct proof will otherwise be assumed.

Accuracy of colour reproductions
Whilst the publisher endeavours to produce the magazine to a very high standard, there are commercial reproduction and colour printing limitations. As such no guarantee of precise and accurate colour reproduction is given or implied by the publisher. It is the client’s responsibility to satisfy their artist’s requirements or transparency accuracy. Similarly this applies to reproductions from digital scans and images supplied to the publisher. When in doubt please seek our advice on such matters.

The client has the option to supply complete artwork for reproduction or to use the publisher’s services to produce artwork for advertisements. When artwork/materials supplied by the client are deemed to be unsatisfactory for reproduction the publisher reserves the right to correct, redesign or refuse the artwork. Our redesign fee is £80.

Payment terms
The ad rates available on the website ( are based on receiving payment by credit or debit card or BACs transfer BY the Booking/payment deadline. If no payment has been received by the payment deadline then the ad will be removed from the schedule but payment will still be due, as your booking will have prevented someone else from making use of that space. If for any reason you can’t make the payment deadline – please email or call Tor on +44 845 652 1908 before the deadline passes, and explain your predicament and we will do our best to find a way to help you resolve the situation. If you do not contact us before the booking/payment deadline expires, we will be unable to help.

Information supplied
All information, images and content supplied by the client to the publisher are expected to be correct and accurate. The customer warrants that he/she has obtained all necessary consents, licenses or authorisations from all and any third party who has the capacity to give same in relation to any photograph, image or other representation of a living individual or any facsimile signature or any photograph, image or other representation of a living animal or any inanimate object or for the engagement of any person as artist, model, actor (“collectively referred to as the artist”) or otherwise used for the purposes of providing the services under this agreement.

The customer undertakes to indemnify the publisher against all crimes, actions, demands, costs, charges, and expenses which the publisher may incur by reason of:

(a) any breach by the customer of any term or condition of this agreement; (b) any alleged: (i) libel, slander, defamation, product disparagement or in decent, false, misleading or deceptive conduct; (ii) infringement of trademark, copyright, title, slogan, trade indicia or other proprietary rights; (iii) piracy, counterfeiting, plagiarism, unfair competition or idea misappropriation; or (iv) invasion of right of privacy in connection with advertising or other materials covered by this agreement.

The indemnities contemplated by this agreement shall survive the termination or expiration of this agreement.

Value added tax (VAT)
All advertisements are liable for VAT unless you are a registered charity.

Production requirements
All specifications are outlined in detail within the media card at

All production questions can be emailed to Debbie Asher ( artwork must be sent directly to the SPORTEX head office by emailing - please do not send your artwork directly to Debbie.

For all other queries

Contact Tor Davies on 0845 652 1908 or by email


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