sportEX dynamics - the leading manual therapy journal

sportEX dynamics covers the topics of manual therapy and sports massage. The articles are written by leading massage practitioners from around the world.


  • Latent Myofasical Trigger Points: Their effect on muscle activity
  • Managing Pain, Inflammation and Tissue Repair for Athletes Through Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications
  • Current Evidence for the Use of Kinesiotape
  • Anatomical differences in the human population and the consequences for the massage practitioner
  • Analysis of new options for treating patellofemoral pain (inc. videos in the online and mobile versions)
  • Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation: The use of the ‘spoon’
  • Psychological Education May Be More Effective Than Core Stabilisation in Prevention of Low Back Pain
  • Ice Ice Baby! why those ice baths are just not going to go away!


  • Written by practitioners working in elite sports medicine
  • International authors
  • Powerful visual articles
  • Strong emphasis on practical application
  • Rehabilitation advice leaflet templates
  • Available in print, online and on most mobile tablets (iPad/Android/Kindle Fire)


  • Read by 78% of head physios in UK Football Premier league
  • High profile subscribers include US Olympic Commission, English Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, SIRC (SportDiscus)
  • High renewal rates (93%)
  • Reader demographics 41% physical therapists (inc. PTs, osteopaths, chiropractors), 29% sports therapists/rehabilitators, 8% sports physicians/doctors of medicine, 11% other


“Over time, the list of ‘good’ or ‘model’ practices in Athletic Therapy/Athletic Training will grow because there is almost no limit to innovative ways to achieve our practice goals. sportEX's approach to international diversity focuses on varied and changing environments. This is a great international publication, a connection for students and even your patients waiting to be treated.”
Gene Elizabeth Verel, MA, AT(Ret)Honorary Member Canadian Athletic Therapy Association

"There are a few publications out there which routinely share excellent up- to-date evidence-based clinical practice information. sportEX dynamics is one of those publications that I always find informative and full of valuable up-to-date content. The format of the publication offers not only highly-relevant articles but other multimedia resources as well."

Whitney Lowe, Orthopedic Massage Therapist and Massage Educator, USA

“I have read sportEX medicine and sportEX dynamics with great interest, the editors are to be congratulated on the excellent content which is very well researched, scientific and clearly written. Together with the excellent illustrations, the highly professional presentation of these journals make very interesting reading for the practitioner." 
Dr Marie-Elaine Grant (Phd), Olympic Physiotherapist, Ireland

“Both sportEX journals are used widely by health care practitioners and allied therapists involved across all levels of rugby union. They are also on the recommended reading list of the Sport and Exercise Medicine postgraduate Diploma/ Master of Science course at Bath University, UK.”  Dr Mike England MBBS MSc(SEM) MFOM FFSEM(UK) MFMML, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Bath, UK


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