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This article outlines how the manual therapy profession has come full circle in the treatment of persistent musculoskeletal pain. Ancient wisdom is supported by modern research which shows that patients benefit most when manual therapy treatment is combined with empathy and good listening skills.


As the number of chronic pain patients in the UK increases, especially patients suffering with fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain, a need exists to promote a better understanding of what these conditions are and how best to treat them. This article is for the therapist and the patient and for those with previously unexplained symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, myofascial trigger points and chronic myofascial pain. It will help to bring some clarity to the topic of fibromyalgia. Every member of the medical team involved in the treatment of chronic pain needs to be familiar with myofascial trigger points.


Kinesiology taping is the current buzzword in the field of manual therapy. This brightly coloured tape is a common sight at all major sporting events from the Olympics to Wimbledon and the Commonwealth Games. With the growth in popularly it’s ever more important for anyone involved in osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy or any other manual therapy, to have an understanding of kinesiology taping: why it is used, how it works and how to apply it.


Stretch to Win – Fascial Stretch Therapy® (STW-FST) offers sport manual and movement therapists and trainers a quick, effective and logical system to improve function. STW-FST combines innovative passive, active and assisted mobility and stretching movement patterns that can be used to remove the restrictions that are the barriers to good mobility. The squat is used as an example and we will focus on the hip, knee and ankle. This article, Part 1, introduces and describes the STW-FST system, with a focus on the hip. The next article, Part 2, will focus on the knee, foot and ankle for a comprehensive discussion of correcting faulty patterns in the squat movement.


Musculoskeletal functional anatomy is a key component of sport therapy, and ensuring anatomy learning and consolidation is a vital aspect for a lecturer to consider given that it is required for student recall throughout a course and beyond the confines of being an undergraduate. A common issue with students is that after a year without a discrete anatomy lesson, when it comes to applying their anatomical knowledge, ie. during ROM assessment in massage, they often struggle to recall and apply their anatomical information in order to effectively enhance their clinical practice.  


Quarterly round up from the manual therapy research journals.

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