sportEX medicine - is the international physical therapy journal


sportEX medicine journal covers the topics of physical therapy and sports medicine. The articles are written by leading physical therapists and sports medicine specialists from around the world.


  • Chronic Pain in Sport: Treat it better by understanding how it develops (incl. CPD/CME quiz in digital versions)
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma: A review of actions and applications in sports injuries
  • Groin and Hip Quandaries: The “Bermuda Triangle” of sports medicine (incl. CPD/CME quiz in digital versions)
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Recognising Potentially High Risk Athletes
  • Are the Biomechanics of the Foot and Hip Affecting the Knee Joint?
  • Case Study: Spontaneous Rupture of the Plantar Fascia in a Professional Football Player
  • Psychological Education May Be More Effective Than Core Stabilisation in Prevention of Low Back Pain
  • Pathology of Mid-Portion Achilles Tendinopathy – current thinking and a proposed model of pathogenesis
  • Lateral Hip Pain for Rehabilitators – diagnosis and current thinking
  • Case Study: ATFL Ligament Injury – a detailed treatment plan from injury to full rehabilitation


  • Written by practitioners working in elite sports medicine
  • International authors
  • Powerful visual articles
  • Strong emphasis on practical application
  • Rehabilitation advice leaflet templates
  • Available in print, online and on most mobile tablets (iPad/Android/Kindle Fire)


  • Read by 78% of head physios in UK Football Premier league
  • High profile subscribers include US Olympic Commission, English Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, SIRC (SportDiscus)
  • High renewal rates (93%)
  • Reader demographics 41% physical therapists (inc. PTs, osteopaths, chiropractors), 29% sports therapists/rehabilitators, 8% sports physicians/doctors of medicine, 11% other


“I have read sportEX medicine and sportEX dynamics with great interest, the editors are to be congratulated on the excellent content which is very well researched, scientific and clearly written. Together with the excellent illustrations, the highly professional presentation of these journals make very interesting reading for the practitioner." Dr Marie-Elaine Grant (Phd), Olympic Physiotherapist, Ireland

“I would pay four times more for your publication, you don’t charge enough! It’s exceptional quality, exceptional value and it’s one of the few professional publications that I really make an effort to read. Thank you.” Dr Thomas Gilmartin, sports physician, UK

“Both sportEX journals are used widely by health care practitioners and allied therapists involved across all levels of rugby union. They are also on the recommended reading list of the Sport and Exercise Medicine postgraduate Diploma/ Master of Science course at Bath University, UK.” Dr Mike England MBBS MSc(SEM) MFOM FFSEM(UK) MFMML, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Bath, UK

“sportEX medicine is an excellent balance between EBM and practicality. Easy to read and great to keep up with the latest significant studies. I also enjoy the sportEX comments as well as the interactive bits. Definitely never boring!" Helen Millson, Sports Physiotherapist Specialist and Medical Advisor to Premier League Football Insurers, UK and South Africa 


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